Erickson Ranch Jams

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Ray and Victoria Erickson have deep roots planted in the Suisun soil. They are best known for their delicious Erickson Ranch Jams, made from produce grown on their farm. You can purchase the jams at various locations in the valley, including Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company and Cal Yee Farms.

“We grow what we make into jam and if we don’t grow it we source the best product possible,” says Victoria. “This certainly guarantees that our produce is picked at peak ripeness, ensuring the best tasting jams and jellies.”

Their jams are hand made by the small batch method. The fruit is picked ripe and therefore less sugar is added bringing out the full flavor of the fruit. The many flavors include strawberry, blenheim apricot, apple butter, bartlett pear, blueberry, cal red peach, fig, Christmas harvest, and many more. You can also order jams online at Orders ship once a week!