The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Grizzly Island Wildlife Area consists of 8,600 acres located in the heart of the 84,000-acre Suisun Marsh, approximately 10 miles from Fairfield on Grizzly Island Road. 

Grizzly Island provides habitat for more than 200 species of birds and is home to a variety of threatened or endangered wildlife and plants. 

When arriving at Grizzly Island, visitors must obtain a day use permit in the self-registration booth. All visitors must register. There is also an office that is open Monday-Fri, 9 am to 4 pm, with staff available to answer questions.

The wildlife area is open from sunrise to sunset. All vehicles are required to stay on designated roads and can only park in the identified parking areas.

A self-guided tour is available that begins at the area headquarters (where you sign in) and continues for about eight miles along Grizzly Island Road, which is unpaved and runs through the middle of the wildlife area. There are six parking lots accessible to the public. If you hike, please stay on levee trails. Heavy mud and deep water make cutting across fields dangerous.

Public Use Schedule

February-July: Grizzly Island Wildlife Area is open for hiking, fishing and nature viewing (dog training only allowed in February and July)

August-September: Grizzly Island Wildlife Area is CLOSED to general public use during the special Tule elk hunts

October-January: Grizzly Island is CLOSED to general public use during waterfowl hunting season. You can only enter the area with a proper hunting permit.

(These are all general time frames and if you’re visiting and unsure if the area will be open, please call 707-425-3828)