Experience the New Jelly Belly Sweet Trail

Jelly Belly Sweet Trail in Fairfield CA

Who doesn’t like the challenge of a scavenger hunt? Add the Sweet Trail to your Jelly Belly visit and get rewarded for checking in throughout the tour!

Explore the self-guided tour at the Jelly Belly factory, museum, café, and California Welcome Center and discover check-ins posted throughout. It’s easy to use, no apps to download, and there are fun prizes to claim at the California Welcome Center. 

How to Participate 

Scan the QR code posted at Jelly Belly or go to visitfairfield.com/explore

Sign up with your email or phone number

The trail pass is instantly delivered to your phone via text message or email, and you can use it right away.

Use the link to log in, and if you’re on the latest version of IOS Safari, click the share icon at the bottom middle of your screen, then ‘add to home screen’. This will allow you to quickly access your free Jelly Belly Sweet Trail pass.

How to Check-In 

When you’re signed in, view the Jelly Belly Sweet Trail in the “Experiences” tab on the bottom left corner and check out all the available stops. There are a total 21 locations to find. Each stop provides a clue for where you will find a posted card with the check-in pin number. Simply type in the 4-digit code presented at each of the stops to check in! 

Each check-in is worth 200 points.

Jelly Belly Sweet Trail

How to Redeem

Claim your rewards by going to the “Rewards” tab at the bottom of the site to see how many points you’ll need to get the prize of your choice. You can redeem rewards at the California Welcome Center, located at Jelly Belly near the cafe. 

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