The Glashoff Sculptures of Suisun Valley

As you drive through Fairfield’s Suisun Valley make sure to look for the unique metal sculptures and mailboxes created by artist Philip Glashoff!

Philip has created over 300 metal art pieces at his ranch in Fairfield for over 40 years. He specifically chose steel as a medium because he wants to create images that will last and so they have! You can discover these hidden gems throughout Suisun Valley. If it’s a unique-looking metal mailbox or sculpture, it’s most likely a piece by Glashoff.  

Glashoff’s sculptures have a distinct style that is rooted in his ranch in Suisun Valley. The common theme you’ll find is rusty machinery and abandoned metal objects. He rejuvenates these items to create his signature look. Most of the sculptures include his interpretation of fruits, plants, figures, and animals.

Glashoff’s dedication to creating unique and expressive art has made him a beloved figure in Fairfield and Suisun Valley. But his art can be seen in galleries in Yountville, Los Olivos, and Vacaville, as well as Hawaii, Sante Fe, and Washington.

His sculpture ranch is open to the public by appointment only.