Il Fiorello offers a taste of Solano at the California State Fair

Il Fiorello offers a taste of Solano at the California State Fair

The following article originally appeared in the Vacaville Reporter


By Kimberly K. Fu

Walk through an archway twined with olive leaves and find yourself at an oasis proffering cups of liquid gold and amber.

Such was the experience  for California State Fairgoers July 15, when Suisun Valley-based Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company was invited to pour the company’s award-winning olive oil in the Fair’s California Kitchen.

“This is really great, it’s fun,” said Ann Sievers, who owns Il Fiorello with her husband, Mark. “It’s nice to be here to represent (us).”

She set out tastes of the company’s aromatic Kaffir Lime Co-Milled Olive Oil, Pendolino Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Winter Fruit Balsamic Vinegar Reduction. Next, she patiently answered any questions posed by visitors.

The Kaffir Lime oil won Best of Class and Gold Medals at the fair and the balsamic vinegar won Best of Show and Double Gold Medals at the Central Coast Vinegar Competition.

“Our Kaffir Lime Co-Milled Olive Oil won five awards this year which was quite a nice surprise for us,” advised Ann in an earlier prepared statement. “This was the first year we had made it, and it was an experiment on our part that has worked out wonderfully!”

Il Fiorello offers a taste of Solano at the California State Fair

On Monday, Ann, Mark and their team watched visitors hesitantly grab a tasting cup and slowly bring it to their lips. Then they observed the joy spread across their faces.

It’s interesting, Ann shared, that so many don’t realize that you can drink olive oil. You can, she emphasized, adding that it’s good for you.

For a fuller experience, Visit Il Fiorello in Suisun Valley at 2625 Mankas Corner Road. Enjoy the view of rolling hills and a verdant landscape, sample olive oils and balsamic vinegar tastings, sip sustainably grown wines and local craft beers, and indulge in charcuterie, small bite appetizers and gelato.

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